HQ Marketing PROMO service

Marketing PROMO Automation will automatically target,
like,comment, follow and unfollow accounts on your behalf 24/7.
Other users will see a notification that you’ve liked some of their
photos, for example, and can then choose to visit your profile and
maybe follow you back if they want.
Targeting right users
and hashtags with a automation tool is so important and
having a great account with high quality photos is the best
way to increase this conversion number.

Who can use it?

Marketing PROMO automation can be used by travelers,
bloggers, entertainers, brands,photographers, bautiques,
startups and people who would  like to grow their
followers but real followers. There are lots
of apps that let you to get or buy followers, likes, views but
they”re fake accounts. With Marketing PROMO Automation,
you are engaged with real account. so Marketing PROMO
help you to make new friends and maintain active

How it works?

Marketing PROMO only aims to automatically do what
you would do manually spending hours. Yes, you could hire a
team of people, or spend every hour, which lots of people do,
but there is an easier way. We know that your tIme is valuable.
If you want to promote your page there are only two ways: you
can get advertisement or use Marketing PROMO Automation.
While advertisements cost hundreds of dollars HQMarketing
PROMO only cost a few dollars. Being economic, advanced
target Marketing PROMO automation is our biggest advantage.

Are they real people or fake boats?

You can not buy, steal, or illegally get likes, followers, views with
Marketing PROMO automation. Automation tools do hours of manual work
while you enjoy your time. It saves you A LOT OF time and gives us
the ability of choosing your target audience. We can not access your
account, we can not  store your password so please don’t contact us
for forgotten password. Information of the application is only store
on your phone.

Can I use it for more than one account?

Of course! After Marketing automation tool is turned on, you can add other


There is no official ;limit activities. Only we know that following limit is
7500 .If you are a first time Marketing PROMO user we strongly
recommend we use Automation Tools at lower levels for the first few days.
Then customize your adjustment by the time to ensure that your activity looks

Automation Payment

We want Marketing PROMO automation to be used by everyone who want to grow
their BRAND get exposure, more leads, followers, etc.. So you will get a free 3-days trial! No payment required for
During 3-days, If you don’t like PROMO automation you can cancel your
subscription anytime you want. After 3th day of trial, the payment will be taken.
Cost of our service is $50./week or $100, a month