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The Nexus of Music 

  A record label focused on giving Entertainers, Artists, Models, and Business Owners the Exposure they need. We work with 3 other Affiliate Companies to bridge the leadership and marketing gaps in these brands and businesses, we provide access to our own network of friends, family, and advisers from around the world.

Getting music playtime can be frustrating particularly as an upcoming musician, it is a phase that every single artist has passed through. There is a saying that we ought to learn from the downfall of others and the truth is so many artists never saw the light of day because they backed out of their hustle during this trial period. 
This is why
HQ has risen up to say never again are we going to allow this happen to any artist. As a record label company with over a decade of corporate experience, we have what it takes to give massive exposure to any artist and that is exactly what we are set to do. There a lot of record labels out there that are not involved in the publicity of their music stars but we have decided to go all in and pull our weight behind our act. 


How do we intend to get this done? 
Good question, to get a product there must be a process. We intend to give massive publicity to our acts by leveraging on the high profile contacts we have built in our decade long existence as a corporate entity. Not just that we also provide social media consultancy and help with billboard placements to help with the highest level of exposure. 

We are also going to work directly with the marketing of your music and the act behind it as well. Helping to producing genius art that even you will be blown away, we are also going to offer advisory and consultancy services. We have come to discover that marketing is great, but there is something else that trumps it. And that is mentoring, several artists have fallen down the pecking order due to ill-informed mentoring or a general lack of the same. 

In our community, HQ isn’t going to offer you just marketing, we will equally offer you mentorship. And with a number of successful artists already mentored by the outfit, you can be sure that you are in the right hands. 

What has our success story being 
HQ would like to say in all modesty that we are a top rated outfit and as such have been able to help a number of up and coming artists find their footing in the industry. We have also successfully leveraged on emerging media as they came mainstream and have used it in not only promoting the music of our clients but promoting even they themselves. It’s amazing how much we have done in a short while, and knowing what we are capable of doing, all
we are asking is that you allow us  to do the same for you and with you. 
We do not just leverage on this social media platforms, we also have a system that holds us accountable. This allows you to measure your growth and see how well you are progressing. We are pleased to say you will find your progress graph quite fascinating and you will choose to stay with us. 


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Amongst other, Through our sister company - HQ'MB - we manage entertainers, building their own community and getting them the maximum exposure possible.

Yes, there are many companies out there that claim to provide the same service as us but the difference is that we are actually successful at what we do. Please check out our website to see many occasions where we’ve taken people from nobody to somebody and from indie artist to celebrities – maybe we can do the same for you too!