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Founded in 2007 by M. Favors, HQ Music is all about bringing something fresh to the table! HQ music was created so we could pursue our dream of finding and developing the best new artists for you, the avid fan. 

Working for more than a decade in this industry, our passion has produced remarkable results. 


Check out some of our hottest new artists like

Queen Kache', Savvy Boyz3, Zack Spade, GA’FATZ, BangaHurk, & K-Styles. We think you will agree that these are some of the best up-and-coming acts in the industry. Listen to their riffs, feel the beat. Their music will move you and touch the deepest parts of your soul. This is real. This is life. 


We are creating a true legacy; come and join the music revolution. Let’s create something amazing together! Don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back regularly. You are not going to want to miss what comes next. 


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