A record label focused on giving entertainers, artists, models, and business owners the exposure they need. We work with 3 other affiliate companies to bridge the leadership and marketing gaps in these brands and businesses, and we provide access to our own network of friends, family, and advisers from around the world.

HQ provides social media consulting, billboard placement, TV advertisement, SM promo, videos, photos, graphics art, studio booking , marketing, and mentorship development amongst others. Through our sister company - HQMB1-STOP - we manage entertainers, building their own community and getting them the maximum exposure possible.

Yes, there are many companies out there that claim to provide the same service as us but the difference is that we are actually successful at what we do. Please check out our website to see many occasions where we’ve taken people from nobody to somebody and from indie artist to celebrities – maybe we can do the same for you too!