We offer full-fledged Record Label services to Major and Independent Recording Artist. You do not have to be signed to HQmusic Entertainment to take advantage of our Artist Development, Management, and Marketing Services. Our marketing services include FM and Satellite Radio Campaigns, Street Team and Social Media Campaigns, Performance Bookings & Placements.

Artist Development: From the beginning stages when recording artists is just starting out, we help establish and build your professional music career. We provide, Product and Image Development to create a sound and image that sets the artist apart from other artists. We help artists establish a fan base in designated market areas, and make sure music is available on the appropriate formats for marketing i.e. Personal Website Development, Photo Shoots, Music Videos, Graphics, and Merchandise.

Artist Management: For more established artists, HQmusic Management handles every aspect of the artist's career. Making sure music is registered with the appropriate agencies such as Registering Copyrights/Trademarks, Ascap/BMI for Performance Rights, Publishing, and Radio-tracking systems before distribution. Shopping Record, Publishing, and Distribution Deals for artists who want to be signed to a Label. Shopping Sponsorship Deals, and Music Licensing Deals. Overseeing every aspect of the artist's career to ensure an increase in show bookings, revenue, and overall notoriety.

Marketing: For Artist that would just like to utilize our marketing services, whether you're a Signed Artist, Unsigned Artist, or A Record Label.

FM Radio & Satellite Campaigns: Include National & International Commercial FM Radio Stations. We work with Professional Radio Promoters to target the correct demographic markets for your sound and fan base. The idea of setting up radio campaigns is so we can secure paid shows for the artist in those particular markets where their music is playing.

Social Media Campaigns are designed to target the correct audience for your music. Our campaigns are strategically designed to build and establish a legit fan base, notoriety, and awareness of an artist, brand, and product.

Street Team Campaigns: This includes all promotional and marketing materials, such as Digital Download Cards/CD's, Promotional Banners, and Physical Street Team. Vehicle Wrapping is also available if the artist's budget allows it. We promote the designated market areas that are appropriate to the artist "sound". Night Clubs, High Schools, College Campuses, Malls, Concerts, Festivals, and Various Events.

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Our PR Packages Range Between $300 to $2500 per Month. Service includes, Social Media Building, Increasing Streaming Plays Organically, and Media Placement. It typically takes 3 months to a year to properly promote and break and artist. Every Campaign is different, contact us today to discuss the specific details behind your campaign. Check out our options for FM Radio Campaigns below. 

FM Radio Campaigns 

Radio Starter Package 
* 4 Week campaign 

Radio Deluxe Package 
* 8 Week campaign 
* Mix Show 
Radio Premium Package 
* 8 Week Campaign 
* Includes National Airplay Charting (top 100) 

Radio Platinum Package 
* 8 Week Campaign 
* Includes National Airplay Charting 
(top 40) 

‚ÄčCollege Radio Campaigns¬†
We offer an extensive College/Non-Commercial Radio campaigns for the following genres R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap; Rock/Metal/Loud/Alternative, Electronic, World/Reggae, Jazz, Americana/AAA/Roots, Blues, and New Age. All of our campaigns are a minimum of 8 weeks and consistence of 3-Tier levels. College radio campaigns can be extended longer if desired and the 3-Tier levels are designed based upon your overall college radio needs. We target 200, 400 or 600 stations and offer a detailed tracking report every week which will include play lists from stations, station contact information, status of airplay (light, medium or heavy rotation) and other information such as interview request and promotional product requests. Each tier level requires a certain amount of physical hard copy cds. For example, we would need 300, 450 or and 700 cds depending on the tier level desired. On all genres, we would need full-length albums except for R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap in which we can use singles. We service your music to hundreds of college and non-commercial radio stations coast to coast including Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii. Historically, we garner at least 15-25% of the radio stations, adding your song to rotation. We primarily focus on the old CMJ reporting station panel and others for our College/Non-Commercial radio campaigns! Our GUARANTEED College/Non-Commercial Radio Airplay starts at just $3500+ depending on which tier level of radio stations desired. If you are interested in our college/non-commercial radio campaigns, contact us at 404-819-3318 to set up a College Radio Campaign.


In addition to servicing your music to major Commercial FM Radio stations across the country, we also offer guaranteed customized major Commercial FM Radio campaigns. Our main focus is not just to ensure the radio station or DJ has your music, but is PLAYING your music! We specialize in a variety of radio formats such as CHR/Top 40, Rhythmic, Urban and Urban AC in securing major Commercial FM Radio airplay. At this time we are currently not accepting genres in Rock, Country, Gospel, Jazz and Americana music as part of our customized Commercial FM Radio campaigns. However, you can contact us for a quality referral. Every radio campaign is customized to assure GUARANTEED RESULTS and MAXIMIZE your promotional radio marketing budget! Our customized major Commercial FM Radio campaigns are a minimum of 4 weeks and include Mediabase and/or BDS reports every Monday! However, we also offer extended campaigns such as 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. Unlike many of our competitors, we have direct relationships with more than 300+ stations in the genre mentioned and are able to customize FM Radio campaigns whether it's regional, national or possibly even local! If you are interested in our customized Commercial FM Radio campaigns, simply email us your MP3 along with your proposed start-up FM Radio budget and targeted areas of interest. We will have your song surveyed by our FM Radio stations and within 24 hours email a marketing game plan outline of exactly what we can offer for your budget on your record. This radio marketing outline will inform you of the stations we will secure airplay on for you as well as an estimated spin range you can expect. One of our representatives will contact you to discuss the campaign and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our GUARANTEED Commercial FM Radio Airplay starts at just $2000+ for rotation and $1500+ for mix-show airplay campaigns. Once your radio campaign is in place the radio stations on our game plan will begin playing your song usually within 7 to 10 business days and we will provide you with Mediabase and/or BDS reports every Monday for the length of your campaign. If you have additional questions regarding our customized major Commercial FM Radio campaigns, or would like to get your radio campaign started today, contact us at 

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We Do Not Offer Unknown Artist Record or Management Deals! 


For New/Unknown Artist We Recommend That You Set Up A Few Marketing Campaigns To Build Your Buzz & Fan Base Before Seeking A Record or Management Deal. 
(Please Refer Back To Our Services Listed Above And Then Email Us Your Music Links & Social Media Links Once You Are Ready To Set Up A Marketing Campaign.) 
Call Us To Discuss Details On How Our Campaigns Work:

 For Artist That Already Have An Established Fan Base But Is In Need Of A Management Team Or Wants To Shop A Record, Publishing, Distribution, Or Licensing Deals: 


Email Music & Social Media Links (No Attachments) To: hqhiphopnews@gmail.com 


Please Submit Everything in 1 Email Only! We Are Seeking Original Songs and Music. No Freestyles or Remakes. 

Do Not Send Multiple Submissions (Unless you are submitting new songs that you have not already sent) 

Once We Review Your Music, We Will Follow Up With You If We Are Interested. Please Do Not Follow Up With Us After Submitting.